CSR (corporate social responsibility)


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is embedded in Bema's mission and is an integral part of our corporate policy, our culture and our core values.


- Is a certified holder of NEN-ISO 9001;

- Is a signatory to the sector agreements in the Netherlands under the MJA-3 covenant (since 2002);

- Has waste reduction as an important company target, among others by inline recycling, plastic waste is strictly collected per type or grade;

- Is accredited to offer internschips;

- Supports several local initiatives in sports, culture and entertaiment;

- Uses only green energy;

- Has for many years been cooperating with sheltered workshops.

In addition to this, Bema aims to make sustainable products with added value. Whenever possible we offer products made from recycled, bio-based or biodegradable plastic.

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