Technical moulding
Custom-made products, ranging from machine parts to domestic appliances.
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Packaging for a wide range of applications in both the food and non-food industry.
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Paint market
Innovative plastic cans for pigement paste and car refinishes.
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Defence market
Transport and storage cases, developed with the Dutch Ministry of Defence.
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Bema Kunststoffen B.V. was established in 1967 and has developed itself into a stable and reliable partner for injection moulding and vacuum-forming of your plastic products.

Today, Bema is a modern processor of thermoplastics, using various techniques. Besides our main plant in Zierikzee, The Netherlands, we have had a second factory in Bosnia-Herzegovina since 2004. Besides injection moulding, the blow-moulding of bottles also takes place in this second factory.

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BEMA Kunststoffen NRK collectief ISO 26000 basis-zelfverklaring
ISO 26000
basis zelfverklaring
BEMA Kunststoffen ISO 9001 certificaat
ISO 9001
BEMA Kunststoffen Waarborg Groen certificaat
Waarborg Groen
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